Friday, October 29, 2010

All Carers Should Condemn This Outrage

Daughter Sentenced to Five Years after Mother Dies

All carers should be outraged at the treatment that this carer has received at the hands of a justice system which clearly does not comprehend the stress and difficulties involved with caring for someone.

Here we have a carer who was suffering from chronic depression. Her mother was difficult and domineering.

Before she lost her 'cognitive functions', she repeatedly refused medical intervention, telling her daughter it was her duty to care for her. As most of us know, the 'loss' of these functions often occurs years before the medical authorities are prepared to commit themselves to any sort of judgment.

And if her ability to make sensible decisions was lost, certainly her ability to emotionally manipulate and bully her daughter was not. How many times have we seen this? How many other carers out there know this situation very well?

Justice Ann Lyons said she accepted Miller had no intention to harm her mother, but said she had a responsibility to seek help when it became obvious she could not cope. This is clearly the attitude of someone who has never been involved in such a relationship and is comparable to saying that a rape victim should have 'stopped' her rapist. Remember, this is someone who has spent years in a complex manipulative relationship and who is clinically depressed - while providing constant care for her mother.

This woman should be freed. It is enough that she has already given her life for her mother without her being further penalized.

There is much more to caring than preparation of food, shopping and calling the Doctor. Clearly the 'justice' in this case has no idea.