Friday, October 22, 2010

The Memory Game - Game On!

In creating our Memory Game it was important to come up with a memory stimulation tool that didn't feel like some sort of test. We all hate tests and anyone with memory issues has good reason to dislike them especially. Only someone who has had the experience of futilely trying to remember something that consistently evades them can really understand the frustration.

But the memory game isn't like that.

It consists of 70 cards in a golden 'treasure bag' - rather fitting when you consider that memories literally are our treasures!

Each card poses a question, mainly relating to a person's early life experiences. The entire question set have been specifically designed to stimulate old memories. It is an active process of rediscovery and, importantly, reinforcement. The more we recall our older memories, the more likely we are to retain them. And you might be surprised at what people can recall!

How you play the game is up to you - there really are no rules. You might just pick a different card every day and actively explore the memories associated with it. Or you could decide to spend ten minutes or half an hour and make your way through however many cards that may take.

An ideal way to play is to alternate the questions. So you, as a carer, picks a card and poses the card's question to your loved one. After some reminiscing, they then pick a card and ask you a question. The wonderful advantage of this is that everyone can benefit. Not only are memories being rediscovered and reinforced, but there's also the potential for much more fluid social interaction.

Carers, it must be said, are very vulnerable with respect to their own memories. Because of the stresses of being a carer added to the focus of your attention which is always and at most times of the day aimed towards the person you care for, it is all too easy to lose your self and your memories. The wonderful thing about the memory game is that it helps to re-focus you on your own past and your own memories.

The Memory Game is also an excellent ice-breaker for those who, all too often, find satisfying communication difficult with those that they care for. Due to age or social differences, there can often be little in common and by its nature, the Memory Game creates opportunities to share memories. Those who find their caring role stuck in some communications rut may benefit immensely.

To sum up, the Memory Game is:

• a 70 card set in golden treasure bag
• Specially formulated questions
• Stimulates the recall process
• Rediscovers old memories
• Reinforces memories
• Works for both loved ones and carers
• Great ice-breaker & conversation starter
• Large print enables everyone to play
• Play one card a day or twenty
• No rules, No Losers – Only Winners

The game costs only $15 plus postage.