Saturday, October 16, 2010

NanNy's Quite Befuddled...

Dementia is an extremely difficult condition for adults to cope with. Anyone who cares for someone with dementia knows how frustrating and sometimes inexplicable their behavior can be.

Imagine the difficulties then, faced by children.

Explaining away the often strange behavior of an older relative to a young child can be a daunting task - just how do we explain something anyway when we ourselves do not fully understand it?

Liz Dowsett's wonderful story NanNy's Quite Befuddled... provides an excellent vehicle for just such a journey. In simple yet clear language using the wonderful illustrations of Janece Callaway, this book is an excellent and entertaining look at a grandmother's dementia through the eyes of her grandchild.

The book is available to order online or talk to us directly via the CONTACT US tab if you are in the Geelong-Werribee area.