Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ultimate Relaxation!

Being a carer - it's pretty stressful! Most carers know that but a recent investigation by a local university found that carers actually had the highest levels of stress of all those surveyed - including the long term unemployed. It's no wonder that they also have the worst health as well.

Of course, in many cases carers are working excessive hours - hours that no union would tolerate. They have no 'annual leave' or 'long service leave' and in general don't even get weekends or public holidays. Even where community-based services are provided, the carer is still 'on-call' for any circumstances out of the ordinary.

And we wonder why they are stressed?

Relaxation CDs can be a very useful tool in managing stress levels, but the reality is that most are ineffective. Many of the so-called 'relaxation' CDs actually rely on pleasant music which serves only to stimulate rather than relax. We all like listening to music and it certainly can help relax to a degree but it's important to realize that most music will only relax you to a certain level, at which point it actually keeps you stimulated.

Other options include 'guided' relaxation techniques where a 'calming' voice tells you what to do to relax. This can sometimes be effective in terms of physical relaxation but mental relaxation usually involves not constantly listening to someone. Some people even find these guided techniques quite irritating.

But there is an alternative. There are a few relaxation CDs which actually do help you to relax - and to do so deeply and restfully. Relaxation is possible - even for you!

Our range of CDs rely on natural sounds with non-intrusive music that soothes rather than stimulates the brain. Using a technique known as 'brainwave entrainment', they induce delta brainwave patterns for natural relaxation.

It is actually possible to snatch a fifteen minute break and, with the help of our especially designed CDs, obtain a level of rest and relaxation you didn't think possible.

The CDs are priced at $33AUD each plus postage and our current range includes:

  • Natural Sleep Inducement
  • Natural Stress Relief
  • Sleep Deeply
  • Calming Massage
  • Relax Peacefully

    As with all relaxation tools of this nature, you should not use them while driving or using machinery.