Memory Protection

We can transfer any memory whether it is currently stored on super8 film, video or photographic slides onto DVD. However your memories are stored, we can restore them onto a medium that can be viewed anytime without any fuss. Just ask us how.

Some of our transfers to DVD include:

  • VHS (including SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC)
  • BETA
  • Video8, Hi8, Digital8
  • Standard8, Super8, 16mm film
  • Photographic slides and negatives (includes background music on DVD)

    We can also enhance and repair images. Unlike most businesses, we can enhance your video such as lightening dark shots. We also have a QuickView transfer for cine film (Standard8/Super8/16mm) which costs a fraction of the normal transfer process.

    Our whole focus is on 'StayingMe' and that means helping you keep your memories and the memories of those you love, active, enjoyable and preserved.

    Also, apart from our Memory Books we can also create great quality photobooks from your images so that you, and your children, can always have a coffee-table book quality copy of your memories.