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StayingMe is a small business dedicated to the life and well-being of carers and their loved ones. We are carers and understand the needs and demands of the role, as well as the isolation and other changes that being a carer can bring.

Our philosophy is simple - you are worth preserving.

We offer information, advice, products and services that can help both you and the people you care for to retain your sense of self and purpose beyond that of just carer-caree. We want to keep those old relationships alive and ensure that there is more to you than just 'carer'.

StayingMe is a small business operating person to person business in the Geelong area (Victoria, Australia).  Be sure to check out our pedigree page for a little more about our background.  In addition to providing a 'we come to you' service locally, we are now proud to host our own online SHOP - come and see what we can offer.

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Highlighted Product

Bonding Bears
Ideal for those with dementia.  A familiar image provides a point of recognition.  A variation on doll therapy suitable for males or females.


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